Sunday, October 27, 2013

The TrueSilent Network

     Oh it's getting exciting, we have some new YouTubers among us. Already in the Network are the "veterans" SilentJay, SilentKay, and TheSilentAwesome.
     Now I am proud to introduce my boy TheSilentCool and my brother kdf150. These boys are playing a ton of Minecraft and are having a fun time showing the world.
Instead of posting the links to everyone here is your one stop shop

blackpanther26 Penta! TrueSilent's LoL

Congrats nice Penta!

Published on Oct 27, 2013
Played 10-23-13
Congrats Panther on your first Penta!
Our numbers may be small and we may not be any good, but damn we have a good time and that is what gaming is all about.

SilentCast ep.2?

Alright episodes 2 and 3 the continuation of this little trip down the rabbit hole has been put on life support. It was uploaded and ready to go and youtube took the son of a bitch down because of WWE copyright. I should have known better but fuck it, i'll get it up somewhere else because it was pretty fun.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh its time, It's SilentCast time

Holy shit it's been forever since my last post, got damn its been busy. To busy playing games, so much great footage to be uped in the next bit here. Even SilentKay hasn't uploaded a new vid in a bit. Who would have thought that work, school, gaming, girls, and every other damn hobby would slow the kid down but its that time of year. Coming soon like in the next two hours soon I will have the first episode of SilentCast up, but in the meantime feel free to enjoy the little fast blast SilentCast 0 issue!