Friday, March 31, 2017

YnotPod Ep34? Companion (An Epic Giveaway)

Finally a companion blog to a podcast. YnotPod Ep34? An Epic Giveaway was so good and there is so much to go over and pictures to show that this is just necessary. As always you can catch all our pods at

Alright there is no reason to bury the lead here. As you heard in the pod the first three people to email me at asking for the infamous asshole tea, the Japanese tea shipped from China, get one free brand new unopened tea bag.

We talked about my wonderful Yu-Gi-Oh Gamboy pickup.

Some more Ebay gold.

Ynot talks about the sex appeal of Andre the Giant.

and finally as I brag about pulling Exodia the Forbidden One in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Juno has me one upped yet again.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to the pods.
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

WWE FASTLANE and the rest of the week.

      Hello and welcome to this years edition of YnotBlog, the Royal Mumble addition where I mumble about the week that was wrestling.
      So FASTLANE happened that was a thing. The Twitterverse seemed to hate the PPV but I actually liked most of it. I liked just about every match, I hated every outcome but did like every match. Except probably Goldberg, damn I really wanted KO to knock him around a little bit. With a difference of opinion YnotPod's Juno (yourselfhehe) felt the whole thing sucked except for the New Day. The New Day skit was about the point where I realized this is just Monday Raw dressed up as a PPV. Same annoying filler and pretty much the same quality I am starting to expect from Raw. But being a good amount of beers in I continue to enjoy the show.
      Monday Raw had it's moments. I can not be the only who feels Raw would be better served at a two hour show instead of three. It just feels so slow every god damn week. It was nice to see Goldberg finally get a little beat up and man did he look stiff. What an unusual amount of sweat the old man had pouring off his face from all that action. Brock vs. Goldberg at Wrestlemania, I can not help but feel it is going to let me down.
      My final thoughts on raw are Akira Tozawa is on fire and so fun to watch, get him off of 205 and keep him on the main roster. Also I am very excited for the Women's Title match at Wrestlemania. The only problem with it is Beyley is also in the Match.
      Smackdown Live once again the best show of the week and that's including the Raw PPV. I can not believe how much I liked Cena and Bella teaming up. How fun was that. There was one point in the match where I couldn't see either one of them. Dean Ambrose beating on Curt Hawkins is hilarious. Although the Blissertation was a boring mess the ladies match to follow was pretty damn nice. Then we have the match of the week Randy Orton vs AJ for the right to take on Wyatt at Wrestlemania. I can't wait to see these two work together again they were amazing together and had a great finish.