Saturday, June 22, 2013


Here kids we have what I would like to call SilentCast. Some of the best vids that we do are because of the funny conversations, so fuck it click the link and enjoy some podcast fun. I would like to call this SilentCast1 but without my main man Ynot it's not a true SilentCast. But it was still pretty fun. We have a funny call placed when Panther lost internet, and some fun Naruto talk...


Click the link baby


Friday, June 7, 2013

A little Minecraft fun with my boys!

Published on Jun 7, 2013
A little Shipoopi fun with your friends TheSilentAwesome, TheSilentCool, and TheSilentJay.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Here we go, I would like to personally welcome TheSilentAwesome and TheSilentCool to the crew baby!

played on 5-26-13
Congrats to awesome and cool, very proud to welcome you two kids into the game! I tried to keep it clean but thing i let a swear or two slip out. I wish lol replay worked a bit better, i missed a bunch of the kids action. but here we go. My boy TheSilentCool and his bro TheSilentAwesome in their first league game. Heck ya boys nice win. Cool had some nice kills, Awesome had some nice turret kills, an all around great team effort.
The Cast: yourselfhehe(Volibear), TheSilentKay(Katarina), TheSilentAwesome(Ashe), TheSilentCool(Varus), and TheSilentJay(Nidalee)
This was a fun training game, I had a blast, thanks guys!
Our numbers may be small and we may not be any good, but damn we have a good time and that is what gaming is all about.
Here we go, the forum was a me show so I figure what the hell lets just blog this shit, here is my channel for the past episodes.
and here is the forum just in case you bone heads wanna post some fun too

leave comments and like our shit, i dont care if it only has 6 views, i only make em for us. If other people like it that's just a bonus!