Sunday, August 28, 2016

Our Newest Podcast Royal Mumble!

      The TrueSilent network of podcasts has grown by one. There are now two pods with still one more in the works. This week I would like to talk about Royal Mumble, the podcast where we grapple with the topic of wrestling. As all good ideas this one happened late at night over a few beers. Its the Monday after Summer Slam and Heezee is watching Raw (I'm sure we are playing Rocket League or some shit) and he tells me Jericho is on. To which I reply that's fucking amazing he's back again. Now I am a fan from the old school, and i mean old school. This is the only podcast where the hosts have 3 separate decades of nostalgia. Also this shows our age. I remember the first summer slam with the Mega Powers! Ynot loves Undertaker vs Undertaker of the 90's. And the young man Heezee is old enough to remember the Cena vs Edge of the early 2000's. So we're chit chatting then I'm like fuck it, lets start a pod, catch up on Summer Slam with the WWE Network(its so cool). This is Heezee's pet though, he will be the producer as I struggle to keep up with putting together YnotPods, and YnotPlays. Getting drunk and recording is the easy part, getting this shit ready for someone to actually listen to is the unspoken hero, the NFL lineman, you know the thankless job. Enjoy the shows.
      Produced by yourselfhehe (Juno)
      "Hosted" by SilentJay (Mark)
      Beer drinking by SilentYnot (Anthony)

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